Cabin Pressure Causes The Back Of A Woman's Head To "Explode" On Flight

A woman on Tiktok named Weronika (@polish_99) shared her rather horrifying medical experience on a flight. She posted a series of videos about the back of her head “exploding” on a plane due to cabin pressure.

Across the first video, the caption said, “POV: you’re the flight attendant that I’ve just had to inform the back of my head exploded from the pressure.”

As you can imagine, this generated quite a lot of buzz among her followers. Some people blamed the doctor for giving her clearance to fly so soon after surgery and others wondered why she needed the surgery in the first place.

What Happened?

The woman is seen with a brace on her head and a bruised face.

She’d had surgery not long before the flight and pressure caused the stitches to rip open.

She said she was grossed out about the experience.


TikTok Users Were Equally Grossed Out And Alarmed

According to Lad Bible, “it didn’t take long for people to start making assumptions, with some pointing the blame at the doctor who granted her as being fit to fly.”

Weronika quickly corrected them by saying, “I have unusually soft tissue and swell more than the average person which led to some of the stitches coming open on the plane in one tiny area.”

At one point, she got so exasperated that she wrote, “guys, it’s obviously about stitches ripping on the plane. Obviously my brains didn’t blow out.”

“I wouldn’t be making Tiktoks would I?! I’d be in hospital if I was even alive. Use common sense.”


The Surgeon Made A Mistake

Apparently, the surgeon neglected to give her a certificate indicating she was fit to fly.

One of Weronika’s videos read, “dedicated to the surgeon who forgot to give me a fit to fly certificate, so I was charged 100 dollars for one at the airport, only for my head to explode in the plane.”

She added, “no hard feelings, he’s actually a really nice guy!”


What Surgery Did She Have?

Weronika told a TikTok user, “I had cat eye surgery and a neck lift.”

Someone wrote, “I mean no disrespect, but why all the surgeries? You are gorgeous as is. Do whatever makes you feel good, but you truly don’t need it.”

She Made Multiple Videos Explaining The Story

In part four, Weronika explained, “I got to the toilet and I hear this loud ‘pop’ sound. Immediately after, I feel this hot liquid dripping down my neck.”

It was blood, but there was also some yellow, foul-smelling substance as well.

Fortunately, she appears to be fine and is healing.