Cabrini Green mural celebrates organization helping children

The By the Hand Club for Kids organization celebrated 20 years Saturday and the 6,000 children getting help in Chicago.

Video Transcript

JESSE KIRSCH: Today in Cabrini-Green, the By The Hand Club For Kids celebrating 20 years and 6,000 children getting help in Chicago.

JAYLEN MCDONALD: It changed my life academically, spiritually, even physically.

JESSE KIRSCH: 19-year-old Jaylen McDonald, reflecting on his seven years with the after-school program.

JAYLEN MCDONALD: I'm here after school to play basketball, read Bible scriptures, do other activities, and make new friends.

JESSE KIRSCH: McDonald just one of the student artists with work featured on this new mural unveiled today in Cabrini-Green, marking 20 years for this organization in the neighborhood where its mission began.

NATASHA CHILDRESS: As a kid growing up in Cabrini, it wasn't always easy.

JESSE KIRSCH: Natasha Childress, a 2010 high school grad and club alum, says this program was an extra push, supporting her as she grew up.

NATASHA CHILDRESS: They helped me get into a private high school that I graduated from in 2010. They also helped me pay for college.

DONNITA TRAVIS: We know that there's an opportunity gap in the lives of kids living in under-resourced neighborhoods.

JESSE KIRSCH: Guided by faith, Donnita Travis founded the organization in 2001. She says it now offers everything from college prep to computer coding, with no plans to slow down.

DONNITA TRAVIS: We're excited to go for another 20-plus years.