Cadillac's 3-row XT6 SUV loses camouflage for Detroit Auto Show

The XT5 soon won't be the biggest in Cadillac's crossover line-up.

Cadillac confirmed this week that the forthcoming XT6 crossover SUV will be unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show next month.

The Caddy that we got a camouflaged sneak peek at a couple months ago has been confirmed for the Detroit Auto Show in January according to Automotive News.

The XT6 SUV is expected to fill the vacancy in the Cadillac portfolio between the midsize XT5 crossover and the full-size Escalade, featuring three-rows of sets like its bigger sibling.

Given the way the market is turning towards crossover SUVs, it comes as a surprise that this model has taken so long to make an appearance, especially since GM announced that the XTS and CT6 sedans are soon to be discontinued as plants begin to close next year. Automotive industry watchers suggest that it's about time Cadillac further embraces the SUV movement.

Opening day of the Detroit Auto Show is January 13, so we can expect to see the model camouflage-free then or or likely during the preliminary press days. It's expected to hit dealer showrooms around the middle of 2019.