Cairo Syrupmakers take on Colquitt County in spring game

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May 18—CAIRO — The Cairo Syrupmakers headed up to Colquitt County High School to take on the Packers on Tuesday. Colquitt County defeated the Syrupmakers 31-10, but the score isn't what matters in spring football; it's all about getting better.

"Spring for us is all about competing," said Head Coach David Coleman. "Finding out who's going to do that, who's going to run, who's going to hit and I think we found out some of those things. It's part of the process and that process continues through the summer."

Cairo's offense struggled through the first half. They failed to score a touchdown and instead went into half time with only three points. They also had ball security issues with several fumbles and an interception.

The Syrupmakers' defense also struggled. The secondary was unable to stop the Packer's receivers and Colquitt County didn't struggle significantly to run the ball either.

It wasn't all bad, however. The Syrupmakers did show some offensive promise when they executed a deep pass to put the ball on the five yard line. Unfortunately, they were stopped at the goal line three times and had to settle for a field goal. The defense also took some wins as they forced a fumble in the second quarter.

"There's always things to work on, to improve on," said Coleman. "That's why you start in the spring and work through the summer."

The lop sided score is no reason for Syrupmaker fans to panic, however. Colquitt County is a highly ranked 7A program who has had a solid football team for years. Cairo wasn't supposed to be a challenge for the Packers. In fact, facing Colquitt County actually benefits Cairo as they prepare for next season. What better way to test your team's skills and resolve than facing a top tier opponent that is potentially better than anyone you'll face in the fall. This is something that Coleman knows well.

"It's great competition. They are one of the best schools in the state," said Coleman. "Being able to play them is always beneficial to us, because it makes us better."

The Syrupmakers will open their season on August 18 when they host Thomas County Central.