Cairo VW enthusiasts hit the road

Dubbed "Egypt Beetle Club" - the group of enthusiasts gather every week to share their love for German carmaker Volkswagen's infamous 'VW Bug or Beetle'.

Originally rolling off production lines in 1938, the famous car model was discontinued in 2019, yet remains a popular automobile for many.

The club was founded 7 years ago in Cairo by four engineers aiming to help owners of these cars with mechanical issues. It quickly turned into a 22,000-member Facebook group gathering people from Egypt and other Arab countries.

Once or twice a week, up to 50 Beetle car owners in Egypt will hold an event, driving through the city's streets as passersby watch in amusement.

The club has attracted male and female members of all ages, including non-Egyptian members like Saudi Arabian car enthusiast Maghiouf El-Tamimi, who sees driving a VW Bug as a more extravagant experience than driving a Mercedes Benz.

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