New Cajun seafood venture to offer mobile culinary experience

Mar. 18—Saturday, March 18 will not only serve as the premier day for the Dogwood Trails celebration, but it will also be the East Texas debut of a brand-new venture by Palestine native Carlos Wilson and his cousin Gilbert Labove as the duo introduces "Rebeaux's Cajun Seafood Company.

"It will be a truly unique dining adventure," Wilson said. "It's not a food truck and it's not a brick-and-mortar restaurant. We have it planned as a full mobile Cajun experience. After so many years in the corporate world and sitting in an office, moving around and being in different places is what we look forward to."

The name, Rebeaux's, is a combination of family names, and a showcase of Louisiana family recipes.

"We basically combined my family name, Reed, with Lebove," Wilson said. "Gilbert kind of sacrificed a little bit of the last part of his name so it would sound more recognizable as Cajun."

The plan for Rebeaux's is to set up as an outdoor venue, along the lines of a crawfish boil, and to have covered seating areas for patrons to enjoy their dining experience on-site.

"Of course, people could take their food home or elsewhere to enjoy it," Wilson said. "But the atmosphere and the party are a big part of the Cajun dining experience, so we want to offer that to make the experience more authentic."

Wilson and Lebove are cousins but consider each other brothers. With family roots in Louisiana and an extensive knowledge of Cajun cuisine, the idea was a no-brainer. And with Wilson's experience with a mobile business, the plan for Rebeaux's Cajun Seafood Company fell perfectly into place.

"My cigar business is doing great," Wilson said of his other venture, 1502 & Sterne. "We are doing lots of private events, venues such as restaurants and recently we've found a lot of success at markets. I'm really happy with how it's going."

Success with a venture such as 1502 & Sterne adds a lot of positive outlook to the latest idea for Wilson and Lebove. Wilson, a retired college basketball coach looks forward to welcoming Lebove to the retirement party.

"Gilbert is a Harris County Sheriff's Deputy and he's nearing retirement," Wilson said. "We were looking for the next chapter and this idea was exciting for both of us. I'm really looking forward to seeing where it goes."

For more information on Rebeaux's Cajun Seafood Company call 832-797-5876 or email