Nearly 15,000 Sign Petition Opposing LA Councilman Proposal To Establish Tiny Home Camps For The Homeless

A Los Angeles City Councilman has asked the city to examine whether it can up temporary housing for the homeless in several coastal communities, including Pacific Palisades and Venice, but strong opposition came Thursday to the idea.

Video Transcript

STACEY BUTLER: [INAUDIBLE] [? council member ?] behind the plan.

- This boogieman federal judge is going to boss a whole [BLEEP] city around, pardon my language? Not going to happen!

STACEY BUTLER: Strong reaction on a Pacific Palisades Council Zoom meeting tonight to an LA City Council member's plan to house the homeless in temporary shelters at beach parking lots from the Pacific Palisades to Dockweiler State Beach.

MIKE BONIN: So the big question I get is, why am I proposing homeless housing here in expensive neighborhoods on the West Side near the coast? And the answer is very simple. We have an epic crisis. All over the city, people are dying.

STACEY BUTLER: Acting on a federal judge's push to house thousands of homeless, Council member Mike Bonin says residents in Pacific Palisades, Playa Del Rey, Marina Del Rey, and Dockweiler Beach need to share the burden of housing the homeless. But nearly 15,000 have now signed a petition to block the proposal.

- This is the city's backyard. This is where you're planning to put that, the city's backyard. This isn't just the Palisades. The whole city goes there. This is like our Central Park. So you're basically saying, put, you know, homeless cabins in Central Park.

STACEY BUTLER: One person on the heated Zoom call supported the idea.

- I see people camping in the Canyon. I see people camping in the Village. And it's a much less safer situation than the situation we would have if we actually created a temporary shelter.

STACEY BUTLER: Beachgoers hope the city comes up with another place to house the homeless.

MONTY JENNINGS: If he let them move on this beach, who's gonna come to the beach?

STACEY BUTLER: The LA City Council is expected to vote on this in a matter of weeks. If it passes, parking lots like this one will soon look very different. At Dockweiler Beach, Stacey Butler, KCAL 9 News.

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