The Caldor Fire nearly torched Pollock Pines. Officials say prescribed burns helped prevent that

Leeann Agee is one of many residents in the Pollock Pines area of El Dorado County still grateful to this day that the disastrous Caldor Fire did not devour their town. "It’s really a miracle," Agee said. "Hallelujah," she told KCRA 3 while stopping for gas at the Pollock Pines Mobil station. "Thank the firefighters and the U.S. Forest Service. We love them." The Caldor Fire, which started mid-August and took more than three months to fully contain the spread of the flames, burned 221,835 and destroyed over 1,000 structures. It also leveled much of the Grizzly Flats community and forced and unprecedented evacuation of South Lake Tahoe. Several other communities were threatened, and miles of forest were scorched. After a frantic battle against the Caldor Fire, its danger to wildlife and residents was eventually subdued before it could continue spreading.

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