Calif. rolls out vaccine sites amid tight supply

California continues to ramp up capacity to provide coronavirus vaccinations, while the state also deals with the reality of limited supplies of doses that has forced some vaccine sites in the Los Angeles area to temporarily close. (Feb. 12)

Video Transcript

- More per day than any of them.

- Yeah.

- We're definitely the best.

GAVIN NEWSOM: This is one of the largest sites in the state of California. This is one of the most efficient and effective ways to quickly administer the vaccines, not only here in San Francisco, but here in the state of California. It's a state-of-the-art, 22 minutes beginning to the end.

1,080,000 doses received last week. 1,080,000 doses received this week. Next week, we anticipate a modest increase. 1.2 million doses. Not a substantial increase. And while the administration has done a very admirable job to carry more Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to the tune of 200 plus million, those vaccines are not available until later in the summer-- likely, as the administration announced yesterday, in July.

Nice to see you. Congratulations. Thank you for doing it.

- Congratulations.

- You, too.