California Crash Leaves More Than a Dozen Dead

At least 13 people died after a semi truck collided with an SUV carrying 25 passengers on a California highway near the Mexico border. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon/AFP

Video Transcript

TALAL ANSARI: On Tuesday morning at around 6:15 AM, a big rig struck a Ford Expedition on a highway in Imperial County, which is one of the southernmost counties in California that shares a border with Mexico.

This Ford Expedition is believed to be carrying 25 passengers when it was struck by the semi truck. At least 13 people died Tuesday morning.

OMAR WATSON: While some of the victims were ejected from the vehicle, there's some walking wounded that pulled themselves out of the vehicles.

TALAL ANSARI: The head of North America's Mexican Foreign Ministry said that at least 10 Mexican citizens were among the victims.

The identity of these 25 individuals in the Ford Expedition are still unknown. It is common use of smugglers to crowd migrants into vehicles when transporting them into the US. But, to reiterate, it's unclear who these people were.