California forum letters: Bee readers take on Sue Frost, climate change, Gabby Petito

Poor representation

COVID lies spread at Sacramento County meetings are an inside job. Are you OK with this?,” (, Sept. 20)

I am emphatically not okay with Supervisor Sue Frost’s behavior. Not only do I live in her district; I live four houses away from her. Although I’ve never met Frost, I’ve gotten to know surrounding neighbors and none have ever expressed frustration with public health decisions. Several have volunteered the fact that they are happily vaccinated. I’ve witnessed no anger, heard no conspiracy theories and the only outward indication of any political position I’ve ever seen is a sign in Frost’s own yard, urging a yes vote on the recall. I’m grateful to the other board members for resolving to call out disinformation. I feel reassured by their commitment to protect my health by supporting good public health policies.

Patty A. Gray

Citrus Heights

Appalled at Frost

COVID lies spread at Sacramento County meetings are an inside job. Are you OK with this?,” (, Sept. 20)

I’m appalled at the behavior from Supervisor Sue Frost. The article highlights exactly what we’ve been witnessing: A surreal politicalization of basic community health practices and state mandates during a global pandemic killing millions. Frost leads the lunacy brigade in all things false and toxic. That, in my opinion, should disqualify her from holding any kind of public office.

Lainey Hashorva

Rancho Murieta


Don’t politicize death

Parolee arrested in slaying of Sacramento woman found inside burning Land Park home,” (, Sept. 7)

The death of Mary “Kate” Tibbitts was so horrible it gives me nightmares even after 45 years as a criminal trial lawyer. The way prosecutors and law enforcement are using this terrible event for political points, however, is shameful and disrespectful. That primary suspect Troy Davis could not have committed this crime had he been in jail is incontrovertible. No one, including jailers, could have predicted this event. Jails are limited in space and release decisions are necessary. It is also no reason to disparage rehabilitative efforts the prison system is making in response to Proposition 57. The takeaway should be a massive investment in the mental health system from the development of drugs to the delivery of care.

Paul W. Comiskey


Missing stories

Body found as searchers look for missing traveler Gabby Petito in Wyoming, reports say,” (, Sept. 20)

Our hearts ache for Gabby Petito’s parents and loved ones. Our hearts also ache for the families of the nameless and unknown number of women of color missing under suspicious circumstances. Where are the daily stories about these women of color inspiring the public to be on the lookout for them? This isn’t a result of malevolence on the part of The Bee, the news networks or other media. It’s the “system” — one which values white lives over others. Though many claim otherwise, we are not at a point where all lives truly matter.

Richard Stanley


Great irony

Giant sequoias wrapped in aluminum — what else are firefighters doing at California wildfire?” (, Sept. 17)

No one wants the General Sherman sequoia incinerated. But is the threat to the great tree nature’s way of making a point? The world’s largest tree honors the Civil War Union Gen. William Tecumseh Sherman, who pioneered “scorched earth” warfare. In 1864, Sherman’s army torched Atlanta, then set out to capture Savannah, 248 miles away, burning homes, farms, hospital and schools along the way. It was a march of savagery, and President Lincoln approved.

As monuments to Confederate leaders are removed across the country, a monument to Sherman, a Union leader, may come down, too. It feels like Mother Nature is reminding us that outrageous cruelty was employed in order to do away with the outrageous cruelty of slavery. I hope Sherman’s tree will be spared, and then renamed.

Karen Schwarz

Los Angeles

Future at stake

UN climate talks: Faint progress on money, none on pollution,” (, Sept. 21)

It is almost impossible to describe the enormity of climate change. Yet Christiana Figueres, from the UN, may have succeeded when she wrote: “All other geopolitical issues will fade into irrelevance if we fail to rise to the existential challenge that climate change presents.” When it comes to climate change, there are only two realities that matter: First, the global community must transform its economies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions immediately. Second, the global community is not doing this. Recent reports by the UN and Carbon Action Tracker have documented this failure. Countries will meet again in November in Scotland to rise to the existential challenges that climate change poses. The future of the world hangs in the balance.

Billie Hamilton


Switch to electric

President Biden’s electric car order doesn’t make it easier to buy one. Here’s why,” (, Aug. 20)

As children return to school, they face another potential health threat: Diesel emissions from school buses. Fumes emitted can be a serious health threat. As stated by the EPA: “Asthma, which affects 6.3 million American school children, is the most common long-term childhood disease in America, making newer, cleaner buses an urgent priority.” Twin Rivers School District in Sacramento leads the nation when it comes to electric school buses. We must call on the school boards of California to follow Twin Rivers’ example and make the switch to electric fleets.

Mariah Cuellar


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