California man goes to work not realizing he won $1 million

It's not every day Vang Cha plays the lottery, but the last two times, he's won — and won big. The California resident recently won $1 million, but didn't realize until hours later when he got home from work.

Cha says he rarely plays the California Lottery Scratchers games. Then the Sacramento man decided to "give it a shot" with $30 California 200x Scratchers. He won $500, but decided to use that money to try and win some more.

"I decided to just go all-in and buy an entire book of the $10 games," he told the California Lottery, saying he didn't even realize he had a winner among them until later in the day — after a full day of work. "I went to work and scratched probably about 20 of them, went home and scratched the rest."

That's when he saw it, lucky No. 16 in the final row of the ticket with a big and bold $1 million prize written underneath.

"I was stunned! I scanned it in the Lottery app to make sure it was true, and it was," he said.

But the financial gains may not be over for Cha. He said that he's planning on investing his winnings and didn't detail any plans to spend it — other than on some more lottery scratch-offs.

Lottery officials said that Cha was one of several people to collect a millionaire status in recent days. Two people who played the Set for Life Scratchers are going to split a $20 million prize and several others took home $1 million to $2 million prizes for various scratch-off games.

Vang Cha reached millionaire status recently after taking home the jackpot on a California scratch-off game.  / Credit: California Lottery
Vang Cha reached millionaire status recently after taking home the jackpot on a California scratch-off game. / Credit: California Lottery

The wins came as the Mega Millions jackpot rose yet again to an estimated $1.58 billion for the Aug. 8 drawing — the largest prize in the game ever, and the third-largest overall jackpot in U.S. lottery history.  A single winning Mega Millions ticket was sold in Neptune Beach, Florida.

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