California to open federal backed vaccine centers

California is joining with the federal government to open two new vaccination centers as test areas for President Joseph Biden’s plan to create 100 mass vaccination sites nationwide in 100 days. (Feb. 3)

Video Transcript

GAVIN NEWSOM: We are pleased and privileged, as they announced earlier in their press conference nationally to identify here, California, as one of their first pilot sites for over 100 community sites, large, mass distribution vaccine centers all across the United States. California will be launching not just this site here in Oakland but also a site down in Los Angeles at Cal State LA. The whole idea is to speed up the throughput, the efficiency, maintain an equitable lens in terms of the application and distribution of the vaccines.

These allocations will allow for us to get up to 6,000 doses administered on a daily basis. And that all of the requisite supports, not just the doses themselves, the vials, but all of the PPE and related support will be provided by the federal government in an additive manner, not in a way that takes away from our ongoing and existing capacity.