California School Board May Open Planned Parenthood Clinic at LA High School

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A southern California school board is considering opening a Planned Parenthood clinic at a Los Angeles high school in a heavily minority district.

While abortions will not be offered as a service at the center at John Glenn High School, clinic workers will be permitted to refer students to off-campus locations operated by Planned Parenthood for “services not offered,” according to the proposal. The high school site would provide contraception, including non-surgical long-acting reversible options such as IUDs, as well as physical examinations.

Both the organization and the school district acknowledge in the clinic services agreement “that under California law minors have the right to consent to reproductive health services without parental consent or notification.”

The seven-member school board of the Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District will vote whether to establish the clinic on Monday, Fox News first reported.

The student body at the schools served by Norwalk-La Mirada Unified School District has 90 percent minority enrollment, of which 79.7 percent is Hispanic/Latino, according to statistics Breitbart first noted.

“Families and taxpayers should be horrified that the Norwalk-La Mirada USD is considering a partnership with Planned Parenthood,” Nicole Neily, the president and founder of non-profit Parents Defending Education, told Fox News in a statement. “The fact that the contract specifically notes that ‘under California law minors have the right to consent to reproductive health services without parental consent or notification’ is appalling in and of itself – as is the list of services that will be offered to children, from STD treatment to IUDs to ‘referrals to other health centers operated by Provider for services not offered at the Schools.’

Neily noted that the clinic’s incorporation language already seems to encroach on parental rights, and that parents could be shut out from receiving information about their minor children’s health care.

Additionally, Planned Parenthood has started pivoting to advertising transgender-related medical services, although these are not explicitly offered at the California high school clinic. The organization has an online guide encouraging parents to teach their young children about gender identity.

“…for [some] kids, it’s clear as early as 2–3 years old that they’re not the gender everyone says they are,” the guide states. A “Book an Appointment” form is found at the end of the guide, in which parents can select “Transgender Hormone Therapy,” our Jack Wolfsohn noted.

“Other Planned Parenthood clinics do provide gender-affirming hormone therapy, so there is a very real possibility students will be referred off-campus to receive this treatment – again, with zero parental notification,” Neily added. “To add insult to injury, there is no way for parents to EVER obtain this information, as the contract asserts that all medical records are to be maintained by Planned Parenthood (‘neither District staff nor a Student’s parents or guardians may access the Student’s medical records maintained by Provider without the written approval of the Student.’)”

The clinic proposal comes as California’s state government prepares to become an “abortion sanctuary” for women traveling to obtain an abortion from states where it has been made illegal since the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade. In anticipation of the ruling’s reversal, the state’s legislature in December spearheaded an initiative, rubber-stamped by Governor Gavin Newsom, to subsidize travel and lodging for out-of-state women seeking the procedure.

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