California School District Asking Students' Families To House Teachers Due To Soaring Home And Rent Prices

As rent prices climb and home prices remain sky high in California, many educators are finding it difficult to live in Milpitas, California, a city directly at the southern tip of San Francisco Bay.

Cheryl Jordan, the Milpitas Unified School Superintendent, expressed to NBC that the cost of living in the city is not feasible.

“We’ve lost out on some employees that we tried to recruit because once they see how much it costs to live here, they determine that it’s just not possible,” Jordan said.

The school district took a different approach with an excessive turnover rate and complications attracting educators. It proposed an unconventional idea to resolve this dilemma: calling for local families to consider taking in teachers struggling to stay in the neighborhood.

Remaining hopeful, It looks like the plan is working.  

“So far, we’ve had 34 respondents who are interested in providing a room or small space on their property for our educators if needed,” Jordan announced 

With housing affordability in California, many teachers face issues on the 1st of the month.  From 2014 through 2019, according to reports from the Economic Policy Institute, the state’s instructors earned 15.5% less than college-educated instructors.

And since it’s still the seller’s market, buying a home in California seems out of reach.  The limited supply and soaring inflation have made the competition brutal for potential buyers.

The current homeownership rate in California is at 54.6% in 2022, which is the second lowest in the country, with New York following at 53.6 % as shown in reports from the US Census Bureau.

It looks like rent in the state is also headed for another increase. The state’s AB-1482 rent control law prevents landlords from increasing rent by more than 5%.

According to the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, also known as AB 1482, landlords are allowed annual rent increases of 5% plus the percentage change in the cost of living (Consumer Price Index) per year, up to 10%.

Hopefully, the community will come through for our educators, and the plan remains solid.