California Senate evacuated after anti-vaccine protester dumps ‘what appeared to be blood' onto lawmakers

The California Senate was evacuated from its chamber on the final day of its session after a woman poured "what appeared to be blood" onto lawmakers, the Los Angeles Times reported.  

The incident, which occurred Friday, was a response to legislation signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom last Monday that will make it more difficult for parents to avoid vaccinating their children. Protestors — some of whom were ultimately arrested for blocking people from entering the statehouse — voiced their opposition throughout the legislation's final stages. 

Rebecca Dalelio, 43, was one of those objectors. Standing in the chamber's observation balcony Friday, she "threw a feminine hygiene device containing what appeared to be blood onto the Senate floor," according to California Highway Patrol.

"That’s for the dead babies," Dalelio shouted as she tossed the liquid, which reportedly landed on multiple lawmakers. 

Dalelio had previously shared anti-vaccine conspiracy theories on her Facebook page, which has since been deleted. As security apprehended her, she was heard repeatedly telling them that dead babies' "blood is on your hands."

State Sen. Steve Glazer, one of the lawmakers hit by the liquid, posted a photo of the "blood" the following day. He also shared via his Twitter account that he'd attended a required medical examination following the incident. 

"The nurse took it from my head,” Glazer said of the liquid on Friday. "They’re suggesting I take a shower, so I’m going to go do that."

The session stalled for more than three hours as senators relocated to a nearby conference room, carrying computers, printers and other supplies with them. According to Sen. Glazer's Twitter account, the session finally ended around 3 a.m. Saturday morning. 

"A crime was committed today, but the senate will not be deterred from conducting the people’s business," Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins said.

Sen. Richard Pan, who authored the new vaccine laws and who has been confronted by protestors in the past, condemned Dalelio's actions as the result of the "violent rhetoric" surrounding his legislation. 

"Everyone is pretty disturbed and upset," he said. "It’s like we’ve been saying, violent rhetoric turns to violent acts. This is a direct attack on the democratic process and this should be condemned by everyone. This needs to stop."

Dalelio was booked into Sacramento County Jail on six charges, including assault, vandalism and disorderly conduct. She was released Saturday morning. It has not yet been confirmed whether the substance she threw was blood or some kind of substitute.