California sets stay home order amid virus surge

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday most of the state will likely be under a new stay-at-home order within a day or two. Newsom said the new rules will trigger when a region’s intensive care unit capacity falls below 15%. (Dec. 3)

Video Transcript

GAVIN NEWSOM: Regions where the ICU capacity is falling below 15%, we are now mandating that we are implementing a stay-at-home order for three weeks. These regions are defined by this slide. We have five regions in this state.

These regions are considered and constructed based upon pre-existing mutual aid system in the state of California. The five regions that we have highlighted, most of these, four out of the five, we anticipate as early as the next day or two, as early-- or rather as late as the next week or so that the Greater Sacramento Northern California regions, as well as San Joaquin Valley in Southern California regions, will have reached that 15% or less ICU capacity.