California twins born in two different years

The Association of National Colympic Committees "has decided to relocate the ANOC World Beach Games" from San Diego, with reports saying games organizers were struggling to raise funds (AFP Photo/Sandy Huffaker)

Los Angeles (AFP) - Twin infants born just as New Year's Champagne corks were popping share the same parents, but different birth years.

Maribel Valencia, of San Diego, California made it to a local hospital on Thursday just in time to give birth to a baby girl -- Jaelyn -- in the final seconds of 2015.

Jaelyn's brother Luis was born about two minutes into 2016, local media reported.

"We were actually watching the clock," the pleased father -- also named Luis -- told the local NBC television station.

"We wanted to see if we were one of the first ones" born in the new year.

Both infants, who had not been expected to arrive until later this month, and their mother were reported to be doing well.

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