California virus cases rise amid national spike

California Governor Gavin Newsom says the state is seeing a "trending up" in coronavirus cases, while not at the stunning rate seen in some states that has led to a record number of daily cases reported nationwide. (Nov. 9)

Video Transcript

GAVIN NEWSOM: And I want to jump in and give you the latest here in our state. As you can see, our case numbers have been trending up as well. The seven day average at 5,889 number of tested positive for COVID-19. Yesterday the number came in over 7,000, 7,212. That number was familiar four to six weeks ago. But since the early part of October, where we were able to get those numbers down below 3,000, we haven't seen an average of seven days above 5,800 in quite some time.

I am concerned, truthfully, that we may get over exuberant because now we believe we have a safe and effective vaccine that is available and people may go back to their original form. That would be a terrible mistake. It is absolutely incumbent upon us to recognize two things. A vaccine is on the way. That's good news. But the availability to you and me and others outside our first responders, outside our health care professionals, is many, many months off. And let's just look forward to the reality of a second wave that is already taking shape all across the United States of America where you're seeing record number of COVID transmissions increase in ICUs and hospitalizations all across this country. Wear a mask. Continue to physically distance, socially distance. Do not take your guard down.