California woman's last viable embryo is stuck in Alabama after state Supreme Court ruling on IVF

Heather Maurer moved to Lincoln, California, from Columbus, Missouri, two years ago while she was pregnant with her now 19-month-old son. Before the move, they had been referred to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for fertility treatments. After years of struggling to conceive, the couple began IVF. "We retrieved 11 eggs and seven fertilized and three developed into embryos," Maurer told KCRA 3. "After genetic testing, only two very viable." One of those two is her son Maximus. The other is still frozen at UAB. After a recent decision from the Alabama Supreme Court that ruled frozen embryos are "children," Maurer doesn't know when she'll be able to do her embryo transfer even though her body was finally physically ready. KCRA 3's Brittany Hope reports.