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California's First Vax For The Win Winners Announced

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Gov. Newsom was playing host to the first $50,000 in winnnings on Friday.

Video Transcript

- Well, some lucky Californians who rolled up their sleeves just won some major cash.

- CBS 13's Rachel Wolf takes us to the first $50,000 Friday.


- It was a party-like atmosphere with a game show twist.

GAVIN NEWSOM: 15 people, $750,000 given out today.

- Governor Gavin Newsom playing host to the first $50,000 Friday.

GAVIN NEWSOM: This is all about raising awareness, about encouraging others that are on the fence to get vaccinated.

- More than 70% of adults in California have received at least one dose, but reaching his goal of a 75% vaccination rate meant more. That's where Vax for the Win came about.

- You're going to Vax for the Win. You're going to protect yourself, protect your community, and guess what? You might have a chance to win a great prize.

- Pediatrician and state senator, Richard Pan, and a pediatric nurse who treated COVID patients on the front lines in New York on hand to help.

- There it drops.

- 21 and 1/2 million unique numeric identifiers, or vaccinated individuals, placed into a random number generator, and 200 entries selected-- the first 50 then put in this machine.

GAVIN NEWSOM: We will draw 15 today. The remaining 35 will be back up if the first 15 are not eligible.

- Around and around she goes.

- Each ball numbered-- no names for privacy purposes.

- The first number here is number 17.

- Ooh, number 17.

- 17.

- Los Angeles.

- Los Angeles.

- All right.

- Only the winner's county identified, then marked on a map. They're contacted and have 96 hours to respond. If eligible and interested, they'll receive a check, which is taxable. The governor understands some consider this a gimmick.

GAVIN NEWSOM: Incentives have long worked, and incentives are indeed what we are advancing here today.

- It's fun to see the big spin wheel.

- Yeah, it is.

- Haven't seen that in years. They used to have that weekly game show. Now everybody 12 and up qualifies after getting their first dose. But to collect your cash, you must get both doses.

- And there will be two more drawings-- June 11 and June 15.