California's Newsom seeks Biden disaster declaration

STORY: "My hope and expectation is we will, because that's the intention of the President, and he made it clear he wants to see that happen, and I'm looking forward to making that announcement more formally because that's my response to the folks out there on cots right now, in terms of what are we going to do for them," Newsom said during a trip to the centrally-located city of Merced.

California's parade of atmospheric rivers may be nearing an end, but not before at least two more of the rainstorms are due to drench the waterlogged state starting on Saturday, according to forecasters.

A series of atmospheric rivers rarely seen in such frequent succession has pounded the state since Dec. 26, killing at least 19 people and bringing floods, power outages, mudslides, evacuations, and road closures.

Newsom said he was aware residents are fatigued about the situation, but called on Californians to remain "vigilant" and use "common sense" over the next 24 to 48 hours, warning that challenges ahead could present themselves "acutely" due to the saturated ground.

The ninth and final atmospheric river of the series is due to make landfall on Monday and last a couple of days.