‘Call Her Daddy’ host Alex Cooper on how 'hot chick' persona was built off being bullied: 'For a while I had to fake confidence'

Alex Cooper is preaching a "fake it till you make it" mentality when it comes to confidence, sharing in a recent interview that experiencing bullying and low self-esteem in her past has propelled her path into the spotlight. "When I was younger, I was so invested in having an outlet because I was severely bullied. My escape was going into my basement and picking up a movie camera and producing a music video or a short film. I found a lot of comfort in being able to express myself and feeling not judged," the host and producer of the Call Her Daddy podcast told the New York Times Magazine. "Creating content has always been a form of self-expression that has made me feel seen, that made me feel I am worthy and have something to show that I’m good at."

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