'Call a truce': Philly friends design mobile app to reduce gun violence

Two childhood friends from North Philadelphia are launching a mobile app to stop violence before it's too late.

Video Transcript

MAZZIE CASHER: What's good, bro?

We know from growing up here and what's going on right now, there's a culture of violence here as a solution. I mean, point blank, period. And we realize we had to counter that culture.

STEVEN PICKENS: We don't have to settle our disagreements by shooting one another. So let's put the guns down. We're calling a truce.

MAZZIE CASHER: That's how we arrived at an app. It works like Uber or Lyft, right? You got two buttons on the app, one that says Get Help, one says Become a Mediator. The mediator can chat with you. They can text, hey, what's going on? Make an assessment. Let us know what information you got.

What's your schedule like today?

Ideal, we want people getting on here before guns are out, you know? We gotta stop thinking about it like this just happened. The police will tell you, they usually know each other. It's usually been ongoing. There's other characters in that story. We need those characters to become mediators and we need those characters the hit the Get Help button. It doesn't matter if you're thinking about getting even or you're thinking about getting got. We need to just call a truce. You know, who are we to declare that for everyone who is at war? Well, we citizens of Philadelphia who are tired of it.

STEVEN PICKENS: We've known each other since we were about 14 years old. We played basketball together.

MAZZIE CASHER: You good at that.

STEVEN PICKENS: Then we got serious, you know, as time went on.

MAZZIE CASHER: I think we just arrived at that conclusion that no one is coming to save us, so you know, why not us?

All right, man. Good to see you.