Callers comment on affordable housing, GRU bills, upcoming elections and more

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• The late Phil Emmer was a well-known developer, builder and philanthropist who devoted his career to providing affordable housing to low-income people in Gainesville, such as Lincoln Estates and Kennedy Homes. We need some Phil Emmers in our City Commission who should declare a moratorium on building any more luxury high-rise apartments. Instead, the commissioners should start recruiting developers and approving plans only for affordable housing until this critical need is addressed and resolved.

The late Phil Emmer, the developer of Lincoln Estates, speaks after receiving the Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Award at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Gainesville in 2013.
The late Phil Emmer, the developer of Lincoln Estates, speaks after receiving the Rosa Parks Quiet Courage Award at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Gainesville in 2013.

• It is wrong for the outgoing City Commission to vote on a residential zoning change right before they leave office. This decision — this vote — should be left to the new commission.

• My current GRU bill is one-third of my total monthly income. Something must be done about this! The citizens should not have to pay for their lost boondoggle of the biomass plant. I can’t afford this, and I can’t live without electricity. How do we get help with this?

• I would like to take my hat off to the article by Andrew Caplan on Aug. 5, 2022, and his review of misleading and false statements that are being made about the current election. It’s an excellent article that very concisely puts the issues for the reader to review.

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• Thanks for The Sun’s thin paper coverage of local editions. Good luck, Gainesville, as we vote for new leadership. We need it.

• I feel that most of our congressional representatives illustrate their perceptions of people who live in their district. Using that test, our Rep. Cammack clearly believes her constituents are pleased with their poor access to health care and the high cost of prescription drugs.

• Just getting the news today regarding our illustrious Gov. DeSantis basically firing the Hillsborough County state attorney. It’s apparent that what DeSantis wants to do is create a communist state since anybody that disagrees with him he will either get rid of or find some way to make them disappear, let’s say. Why is Gov. DeSantis so hellbent on creating a totalitarian state? Does he think that he's above the law?

• We have got to save our precious manatees before it’s too late! A good step would be getting rid of the Kirkpatrick Dam on the Rodman Reservoir.

• We have an immigration problem, and part of it is the backlog of cases waiting months and months for court hearings. I have a solution. Judging from the billboards, ads on bus windows and the local nightly news, we have an abundance of lawyers locally. Let’s give them a refresher course in immigration law, then send half of them to help out in these immigration courts for a few weeks, letting the other half remain locally. And then, after a few weeks, switch them out.

• A recent Sound Off seems to strongly believe that fetuses are people. Fetuses are a conglomeration of diverse cells that depend on the connection with the mother via the umbilical cord for nutrition and development until birth. When the fetus is expelled from the mother, the cord is separated and it can be called a child. Actually, the Bible says the newborn is only a person when it draws its first breath outside the mother.

• It is so hypocritical that the Republicans blame the Democrats for escalating inflation, and yet at the same time Senate Republicans voted unanimously against the Inflation Reduction Act, without even offering their own alternative. Shameful.

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