Callers comment on migrants being flown to Martha's Vineyard, invited to Gainesville

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• I think soon-to-be former Mayor Lauren Poe should need the approval of Gainesville residents to invite illegal immigrants to live in our city. He needs to solve the existing homeless problem before he adds to it. Be careful what you wish for.

Migrants gather with their belongings outside St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Sept. 14 in Edgartown, Mass., on Martha's Vineyard.
Migrants gather with their belongings outside St. Andrews Episcopal Church on Sept. 14 in Edgartown, Mass., on Martha's Vineyard.

• Did Gov. DeSantis just legalize human trafficking, or is he guilty of it?

• Pete Buttigieg was just talking about DeSantis sending people to Martha’s Vineyard, and he has no solution. What do Biden and Buttigieg have for solutions since a year-and-a-half ago to help with immigration?

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• I think our whole country should share in the immigration problem, so I wasn’t too upset when immigrants were bussed up north. But then I was furious to learn that they have to be processed where they entered the country. How will they get back? Shame on all the governors for using human beings to score points with their base — especially on the taxpayers’ dime!

• I think that every single city that identifies themselves as a sanctuary city should take a percentage of the illegals that are crossing the border and overrunning these tiny little border towns in Texas and Arizona and California. If you’re calling yourself a sanctuary city, you need to put your money where your mouth is and take some people in and help them.

• Mr. DeSantis, correct me if I’m wrong — didn’t your great-great grandmother arrive at Ellis Island in 1917 from Italy, and she also could not read or write? No one gave her permission to come to the United States, but we still took her in. We opened our arms to her as our Lady Liberty does to others — to all who want to enter the United States. Stop kicking people out of places because you think it will get you more votes.

• It appears that a group, or some people, have contracted the disease that leaves them blind, deaf and unable to remember the past, such as Biden flying immigrants all over the country in the middle of the night for, what, weeks and months? And also they don’t remember two years ago, gas was $2 to the gallon and people were actually able to afford to feed their family and take vacations. Wake up, people!

• I just want to thank President Biden for doing a great job. On the economy, the inflation rate is only 8.5%, or maybe 8.3%. So, you’re doing a great job even though it used to be 1.5% under Trump. Also, my Medicare insurance has gone sky-high. Also, the Dow is down today, Friday the 22nd, down 620 points to less than 29,500, which it hadn’t been there in a long time. And, President Biden, thank you for all your hard work as my 401(k) is looking pretty sad.

• OK, Americans, you want inflation to go down? I would suggest you vote with those in the House who believe in those of us who work two jobs, help our senior parents and pay to support our kids in college. The GOP by even just a little smidgen of leaning across the aisle to help. If Trump runs again, we might as well dig our own hole in our own backyard because we will not be able to afford our own hole at a funeral.

• People in America, wake up! Believe your eyes. Believe what you hear. And if you need a reality check, go to your grocery store and try to afford a week’s worth of groceries. Lots of luck!

• The former president took secret documents to his house, which should have gone to the United States archives. Folders marked “classified” had nothing in them. What has happened to these documents?

• I think they should put more rugby in the newspaper section instead of some other sports ... They have a rugby team out here in Gainesville called the Gainesville Hogs.

• Anyone out there who loves Ellen DeGeneres and is upset because they are showing no reruns, should please call CBS in New York at 1-888-274-5343 and complain. Who knows? If enough of us do it, maybe they’ll put on some reruns.

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This article originally appeared on The Gainesville Sun: Calls on migrants being flown to Martha's Vineyard, inflation, more