Calling All Canners: Ball Released a Line of Vintage Aqua Mason Jars and They're Beautiful

Jennifer Aldrich

For more than a century, Ball Mason jars have been a staple in canner's cabinets all across the country. Although kitchen tools have certainly evolved since 1884—when Ball released its very first jar—these glass containers have withstood the test of time. In June, for the celebration of the company’s 135th anniversary, Ball released the Collector's Edition Ball Aqua Vintage Jars so you can have a piece of history in your home.

According to a news release, the jars are “designed with the aesthetics of the past,” and feature rounded shoulders, an aqua color, and a logo that were all used in jars made from 1910 to 1923. Not only is the blue hue beautiful, but the backstory behind the color is fascinating. The Ball website notes that “Near the turn of the century, the color was unexpectedly created when the minerals in the sand used to make the glass jars mixed to form a gorgeous blue color.” 

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The Mason jars come in three sizes: half-pint, pint, and quart, so there’s an option to fit your needs. Although the original purpose of the jars is for canning, of course,  these canisters are so cute, they can be used for crafting, storage, or even displayed as home decor

mason jar

Image courtesy of Ball.

Now that you’ve grabbed your wallet and are eager to buy these vintage vessels, you’re likely wondering where you can purchase them. Luckily, they’re available at retailers nationwide, including Walmart, which is offering a 4-pack of the half-pint jars for $18.78.

Along with the aquamarine additions, Ball has also rolled out a few other new products. If you’ve always been interested in canning but have yet to try it, the Ball 9-Piece Preserving Starter Kit, $14.83 at Walmart, can get you started. It “is an all-in-one solution designed for first time canners that includes all the essential tools for easy preserving.” If you’re an experienced canner who might have misplaced a tool along the way, make sure to snag the Ball Utensil Set, $4.84, at Walmart, for replacement items.

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For those who take their jars on their travels, the Leak-Proof Storage Lids, $3.88 at Walmart, are “perfect” for transporting food and drinks. They’re also freezer-safe, and the airtight seal works well for storage. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to store in your stunning new jars, check out these easy Mason jar recipe ideas. To satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure to make one of our favorite Mason jar desserts, such as the Apple-Berry Pie.