Calls To Reopen Senior Centers Across New York City

There's call to reopen senior centers across New York City.

Video Transcript

DANA TYLER: There's a call tonight to reopen senior citizen centers across New York City. Dozens of seniors holding signs gathered outside the City Housing Authority's Dyckman Senior Center in Upper Manhattan. These people are urging Mayor de Blasio to reopen the senior centers. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer says most seniors have been fully vaccinated. She says if gyms, bowling alleys, museums, and other places in the city are allowed to reopen, so should senior centers.

GALE BREWER: The centers need to be opened for food, for exercise, for socialization, for mental health, So. We can talk to each other. They need to be opened.

DANA TYLER: The city says some centers will be ready to provide grab-and-go meals as early as next week. But since not all senior citizens are vaccinated, the health department's guidance right now is to keep those centers closed.