Calls for South Dakota attorney general's impeachment rise amid investigation

The attorney general of South Dakota is facing possible impeachment amid an investigation into a September car accident where he struck and killed a man. Interrogation videos lead to new questions about what he knew about the accident the night it happened. David Begnaud reports.

Video Transcript

- The South Dakota attorney general faces possible impeachment and growing calls to resign after police say he hit and killed a man with his car last September. Jason Ravnsborg was charged with three misdemeanors. He told detectives he thought he hit a deer. After video of him being questioned with shared this week, a judge ordered that no more information on the criminal investigation be released. Our lead national correspondent David Begnaud has the story.

JASON RAVNSBORG: And then, quite frankly, wham.

DAVID BEGNAUD: That is Jason Ravnsborg, South Dakota's attorney general. This was one of his interrogation videos in which he appeared uncomfortable and looked like he had a hard time making eye contact with the investigators who wanted to know what happened.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Ravnsborg is South Dakota's top law enforcement officer. It was the night of September 12, 2020. Ravnsborg was heading home for a Republican fundraiser, driving down this rural road in the central part of South Dakota when officials say he struck and killed 55-year-old Joseph Boever, who was walking down the side of the road. Ravnsborg called 911 that night.

- 9-1-1, this is Ally. How can I help you?

JASON RAVNSBORG: Well, Ally, I'm the attorney general. I hit something by Highmore and it was in the middle of the road.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Ravnsborg claims he didn't realize he hit anyone until he returned to the scene the next day. But investigators point out inside of his damaged vehicle were the victim's glasses.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Ravnsborg is facing three charges, but they're all misdemeanors. You know, before South Dakota's Governor Kristi Noem was ordered to remove those videos from the internet on Thursday, this is what she had to say about her decision to release them.

KRISTI NOEM: These interviews, we specifically asked for the family's consent to do that. So we are going to continue to ask the family what to release, what they're OK with throughout this process.

DAVID BEGNAUD: Now a spokesperson for the attorney general said that the AG does not intend to resign and at no time has this issue impeded his ability to do the work of the office. But still, state lawmakers are planning to move forward next week with proceedings to impeach the attorney general. For "CBS This Morning," I'm David Begnaud.

GAYLE KING: When you look at that interrogation, it's really disturbing. One of the things the officers pointed out is that Mr. Boever's flashlight was still on. So they were saying, it couldn't have been a deer because we know a deer doesn't have a flashlight. But the light from the flashlight was still on. I'm sure the Boever family has a lot of questions.

- And those calls for him to resign are coming from both sides, Republicans and Democrats, we should mention.

GAYLE KING: It will be interesting how long he can maintain that position.

- And investigators are saying that you weren't in the middle of the road. You're on the shoulder. And also, how did you not notice the glasses?

GAYLE KING: A lot of questions.

- I mean, his office is saying it doesn't impede his ability to do his job. If I hit somebody and killed them and they came through my windshield, I would-- I would have trouble coming to work the next day.

GAYLE KING: Yes, exactly right.