Calls For Transparency Grow Louder After Black Man Shot, Killed By North Carolina Deputies

CBS4's Elisa Preston has the latest in the death of Andrew Brown.

Video Transcript

- It's so very important that we have transparency. Because if we don't have transparency, we can never get to accountability. And if we never get to accountability, we can never get to healing and trust.

- Across America, tonight, calls for transparency growing louder in Elizabeth City, North Carolina after a black man is shot and killed by a police officer. The family of Andrew Brown viewed a redacted version of the police body cam video today.

- A North Carolina judge has to approve the release to the public. CBS 4's Elise Preston joins us with the latest on that investigation.

- The family of Andrew Brown Jr. addressed the media after reviewing 20 seconds of police body camera footage of Brown's final moments.

KHALIL FEREBEE: My dad got executed just by trying to save his own life, you know? He was not in no-- the officers was not in no harm of him at all.

- The 42-year-old was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies last week, while they were serving a warrant on felony drug offenses.

CHANTEL LASSITER: Andrew had his hands on his steering wheel. He was not reaching for anything. He was touching anything. He wasn't throwing anything around. He had his hands firmly on the steering wheel. They ran up to his vehicle, shooting.

- No.

- He still stood there, sat there in his vehicle with his hands on the steering wheel, while being shot at.

- Witnesses say, Brown tried to flee in his car. Scanner audio indicates Brown was shot in the back.

- Advise EMS. We've got one male, 14 years of age, gunshot to the back.

- He backs out, goes around them, and they're still shooting at him, while he's driving off. They were still shooting at him after the car already crashed into a tree.

- Seven deputies have been put on paid administrative leave. County Sheriff Tommy Wooten has said the tapes should be shown to the public if it won't hinder the state's investigation.

TOMMY WOOTEN II: Once I get that confirmation, our county will file a motion in court to have the footage released.

- In North Carolina, a state law signed in 2016 requires a judge to sign off on its release.

BEN CRUMP: The truth will come out. The video will be seen by the public, and we will get justice for Andrew Brown Junior.

- Yes.

- These police officers will be held accountable.

- A judge ultimately has full discretion whether to publicly release the video. Elise Preston, CBS News.

ELIOTT RODRIGUEZ: Brown's family said police found no weapons or drugs in Brown's vehicle or in his home.