'Calm Down, Fellas': Pair of Kangaroos Spar at Australian Animal Sanctuary

A pair of feisty kangaroos practiced their sparring skills at an animal sanctuary on New South Wales’s south coast on November 10, in a video that documents all manner of riveting kangaroo quirks.

Rae Harvey, a representative for the Wild 2 Free Kangaroo Sanctuary, told Storyful the large male kangaroo is called Kanku. He survived last year’s New Year’s Eve bushfires and currently looks after his “mob” of fellow survivors at the sanctuary, which sustained structural damage as a result of the fires.

A few wild smaller males moved into the sanctuary and are now battling to decide who has mating rights.

“My guess is that neither of those boys will get close to any of Kanku’s girls. He’s much bigger than they are,” said Harvey.

The coughing sound in the footage is made by kangaroos to express submission, according to the sanctuary. Credit: Wild 2 Free Kangaroo Sanctuary via Storyful