Cambria County commissioner, CamTran official promoting public transportation

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Oct. 4—JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Cambria County President Commissioner Tom Chernisky spent Monday on several of CamTran's urban routes in an effort to promote public transportation.

Chernisky and CamTran Assistant Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer Josh Yoder spent time on the county's transit system, making several stops.

"We basically wanted to ride and bring attention to the bus, meet riders and make stops," Chernisky said.

"Another reason I'm riding today and tomorrow is to bring attention and to get a feel for public transportation."

According to Chernisky, CamTran "answers to their board," but the county contributes money to the authority.

"I personally believe that transit is important," he said.

"It's part of the fabric in our county, and we have people get from A to Z and we can have a person that lives in the northern part of the county and can make it to a doctor's appointment in the southern part of the county and vice versa," Chernisky said.

"If they're from the southern part of the county, they can go to Miners hospital in Hastings, too."

Chernisky said that many neighboring counties do not have public transportation that runs through the entire county.

Yoder noted that while many think CamTran's highest served population is senior citizens, it is actually single moms ages 25 to 42.

He said he hopes people notice what he and Chernisky are trying to do.

"We get out in the community and we want to see what's going on and we want to have our finger on the pulse and this is just another way to do that," Yoder said.

Chernisky and Yoder will be back on the bus Tuesday when they make several stops along CamTran's rural routes in the northern part of the county.

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