Cambria County rec authority moving toward removal of tank near Mayer trail

Nov. 18—EBENSBURG, Pa. — The Cambria County Conservation and Recreation Authority is closer to the removal of an underground diesel fuel tank located on property acquired for the Jim Mayer Riverswalk Trail.

The board was informed in March that a permit for the underground tank in an area acquired along the trail near Johnstown needed to be transferred into the authority's name and renewed.

At the time, authority Chairman Thomas Kakabar told the board that the permit had expired and state Department of Environmental Protection records were being updated. It was found that the permit needed to be transferred into the authority's name so that the proper remediation activities to remove the tank could be taken.

Authority Executive Director Cliff Kitner told the board Friday that he is obtaining prices for the removal and working with DEP.

"It looks like if it's a certain price DEP will actually help us be able to remove it," he said. "If it's over a certain price, they may have to approach it a certain way. But we're hoping it's under the allotment they're looking for."

In March, Kitner said that the first estimate he received was for about $15,000 and he said at the time that other estimates would be received.

During Friday's meeting, the board was also informed of some remediation efforts performed by local energy companies that will take place at some of the authority's trails.

According to Kitner, First Energy agreed to replace a gate along the Ghost Town Trail at a cost of about $7,500. The gate was damaged when access was needed during an issue with one of the company's lines.

The work is expected to be completed by early December.

Along the Jim Mayer trail, damage occurred when Penelec was trimming trees, Kitner said. The company agreed to repair 100 yards of trail.

The work for both companies will be completed by Greg Winters Construction.