Camera rolls as tax preparer pulls gun on customer

A bizarre ordeal caught on camera: The woman who was attacked said the tax preparer tried to delete video of the attack.

Video Transcript

- Well, we know tax season, it can get heated, but one woman says she's in total shock after she says she was attacked and had a gun pulled on her while just trying to deal with some tax issues that the preparer filed in her name. Luckily, she managed to catch most of the incident on camera.

- Tell you what?

- Now, Marquita Boyle says she started recording when the tax preparer LaTunya Wright was fighting with another customer, pulled out a gun, cocked that gun. She says Wright holding the gun, blocking the front door, and then after circling back to her desk while yelling at all the customers there. Boyle says that the tax business owner there, [? Wright, ?] noticed she was recording the incident. She took Boyle's phone and hit her on the head.

MARQUITA BOYLE: She had the gun pointed at him, and then she turned around with the gun, and she actually cocked the gun. So she cocked the gun, and a bullet popped out, because there was already a bullet in the chamber.

- Now, according to court documents, Wright was arrested, now facing multiple charges, including aggravated robbery and assault. Boyle says she is in total disbelief about what happened, and she still has the task of trying to figure out the issue with her taxes. She says Wright tried to get rid of the video she recorded before police arrived.