Cameron promises more security fencing, sniffer dogs for Calais

London (AFP) - British Prime Minister David Cameron promised on Friday to provide more security fencing and sniffer dogs to aid French police in repelling attempts by migrants to board Channel Tunnel trains to Britain.

Speaking after an emergency ministerial meeting in London, Cameron also said that defence ministry land would be used to park trucks waiting to cross to the French port of Calais.

"The situation is not acceptable... We're going to put in more fencing, more resources, more sniffer dog teams," Cameron said, warning that the cross-Channel migrants issue would last through the next few months.

"I'll be speaking to President (Francois) Hollande later today. I want to thank him for the extra police resources that have been put in, which have had some effect."

"We are keen to offer more and work hand in glove with them to reduce pressure on that side of the border."

Britain has pledged £22 million (32 million euros, $34 million) so far towards improving security at the French end of the Channel Tunnel.

French police have in recent days prevented thousands of desperate attempts to scale fences around the tunnel terminal in Coquelles near Calais, although many migrants have successfully made it across.

France sent 120 additional officers to the site this week.