Camila Cabello Responds to Viral Clip of Her ‘Christmas’ Pronunciation

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Camila Cabello isn’t afraid to poke fun at herself.

A clip of “The Voice” coach recently went viral on social media for her interesting pronunciation of “Christmas.”

Last week, a TikTok user made a video about Cabello's version of "I'll Be Home For Christmas," highlighting the unusual way she pronounced the holiday. The sound circulated on TikTok and started to trend on other social media platforms, too.

On Twitter, a user posted a clip of Cabello from her 2021 performance of “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” at the White House. The snippet shows the 25-year-old musician begin the chorus as she walks into the Grand Foyer.

In the tweet, the social media user pointed out Cabello’s unique vocal inflection and joked, “I’ll be home for quismoiss.”

Thousands of Twitter users joined in on the joke and tried to decipher what Cabello said.

One suggested that she was referring to the sandwich chain Quiznos.

Another asked, “Why is she singing in cursive?”

“Someone You Loved” singer Lewis Capaldi reacted to the meme as well. He uploaded a TikTok video of him attempting to nail Cabello’s “quismois” vocals.

He placed a caption over the clip that said, “My brain every two seconds after hearing the (Camila) Cabello ‘quismois’ tik tok sound.”

After seeing the posts, Cabello decided she did not want to be left out.

On Monday, Nov. 21, the “Havana” singer shared a video on Twitter of her trying and failing to teach herself how to say “Christmas.”

“Me before recording my version of I’ll be home for christmas (quismois),” she captioned the funny skit.

The clip begins with Cabello correctly singing the lyric and asking a second version of herself to repeat it.

Cabello 2.0 then hilariously and confidently belts out “I’ll be home for quismois” repeatedly. She also struggles to properly say “merry Christmas.”

Finally, the first version of Cabello gives up and says, “It’s going to be great,” as the other smiles and nods.

The singer’s fans complimented her in the comments for her reaction to the viral video.

“Camila’s sense of humour is unmatched. I love an unbothered queen who can poke fun at herself and be a super good sport. Merry quismois everyone!!” one person said.

“Making the best out of people coming at you for the silliest things always,” another tweeted. “This is so funny.”

Possibly the best response came from a fan who declared, “I am only celebrating the spirit of Quismois from now on!”

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