Campaign launches for tough immigration bill fight

Immigrant rights activists energized by a new Democratic administration and majorities on Capitol Hill are gearing up for a fresh political battle to help push through President Joe Biden's proposed immigration bill. (Jan. 26)

Video Transcript

JOE BIDEN: I will introduce an immigration bill immediately. Sure that the inauguration--

LORELLA PRAELI: We are going to run an eight figure campaign, national campaign, focused obviously in targeted states but also across the country. People want to plug in.

- We are home in uniforms, for construction, for cleaning, for serving coffee. We are home.

LORELLA PRAELI: We are emerging out of four years of relentless systemic attacks on immigrant communities under the Trump regime. But the problems that Trump-- the policies that Trump exploited, the enforcement machinery that he took and exploited, have been built over the past four decades under both republican and democratic administrations.

That's why we're launching an eight figure national advocacy campaign with a mission to transform our inhumane immigration system by calling on, by organizing, to ensure that the Biden and Harris administration and Congress finally delivers on this promise, legalizes people, and transforms our enforcement system.


DANIELA MURGUIA: Think I just want to-- I want to feel hope and excitement because I know that this is something that a lot of the people I closely personally would benefit from it immediately. Right? But I also am kind of doubtful. And I want to be super positive, as positive as possible. But we've seen this before. We've heard this before. And so I'm just kind of a little hesitant as we move forward with it.

JOE BIDEN: I, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr do solemnly swear--

DANIELA MURGUIA: But I really do hope that it does go-- it's not perfect, right? I'm not saying it's a perfect bill either. But I think it's better than we have ever seen before as well.