New Canaan Coronavirus Update: 210 Confirmed Cases In Town

Alfred Branch

NEW CANAAN, CT — The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in New Canaan stood at 210 as of Monday, with a couple of new cases reported over the weekend, according to Emergency Management Director Mike Handler. A total of 29 residents have died from coronavirus-related causes, no increase since last week.

Statewide, the number of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases grew by 697 to 38,116 as of Monday, and there were 41 coronavirus-related deaths to bring the total to 3,449.

Hospitalizations for the virus continue to drop in Connecticut, with that number at 920 as of Monday, a decrease of 17 from the day before. (Don't miss local and statewide news about coronavirus developments and precautions. Sign up for Patch alerts and daily newsletters.)

The town will launch a new COVID-19 testing program on May 26, according to Handler, which he will elaborate on in the coming days.

"New Canaan is working with Stamford Hospital to provide comprehensive COVID-19 testing—which will include both a PCR diagnostic test and an IgG antibody test," Handler wrote on the town's website. "The tests will require either a throat or nasal swab and a blood draw. We are just about to wrap up testing of our first responders and town employees and look forward to offering this testing to all New Canaan residents, over the age of 10. We will be providing details of how you can sign up for testing in the next few days."

This article originally appeared on the New Canaan Patch