Canada calls out 'disruptive' China in Indo-Pacific strategy

STORY: “China is an increasingly disruptive global power..."

Canada described China as "increasingly disruptive" on Sunday, as cabinet ministers outlined the country's long-awaited strategy for dealing with the Indo-Pacific region.

At a news conference in Vancouver, foreign affairs minister Melanie Joly said Canada will be firm in how it engages with China.

"Our neighborhood, alongside Japan and South Korea, is facing real security threats from North Korea as it continues reckless missile launches and from China, who continues to challenge international norms.”

The 26-page strategy released on Sunday, which mentions China more than 50 times, outlined a $1.7 billion boost to its military and cybersecurity spending in the region.

“In response to increasingly complex threats to Canadian security in both physical and digital spaces, we are investing to promote peace and security throughout the region. We are increasing our military presence, increasing also our naval presence in the region."

But the document said cooperation with the world's second-biggest economy was necessary to address trade issues as well as some of the world's "existential pressures," including climate change, global health and nuclear proliferation.