Canada to donate extra coronavirus vaccine doses to poorer countries: report

David Matthews, New York Daily News
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Canada is in advanced negotiations to donate extra doses of coronavirus vaccine to poorer countries.

According to Reuters, Canada is expected to have enough vaccine doses to administer to its residents several times over and is discussing a plan with multiple governments to donate its excess doses.

Canada, with a population of 37.6 million, has reserved billions of vaccine doses that it could donate through the World Health Organization which would distribute it to other countries. The EU has also told member states that extra doses can be donated to poorer countries.

COVAX, a WHO facility created to ensure equitable access to coronavirus vaccines, is involved in the discussions, according to the report. However, COVAX’s goal is to buy and distribute 2 billion doses of a vaccine by the end of 2021, not redistribute leftovers donated by richer countries. The organization fears that without getting access to its own supply and waiting on donated vaccine doses, frontline workers and vulnerable people in poorer countries will face longer waits for vaccines.

A Center for Global Development report has already estimated that there would not be enough doses to vaccinate everyone until 2023.

Though Moderna and Pfizer are the only drugmakers to announce late trial data thus far, several other vaccines are believed to be close to the same stage and are believed to most likely have similar promising results.

Most vaccines are expected to require two doses for full inoculation.


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