Canada Goose slammed for 'capitalizing' on Toronto pedestrian deaths with new $1,500 jacket

Elizabeth Di Filippo
Images via Canada Goose and Twitter/@shawnmicallef and @farah_way
Images via Canada Goose and Twitter/@shawnmicallef and @farah_way

Canada Goose is receiving backlash for allegedly seeking to profit off of Toronto’s dangerous city streets.

On December 11, the Toronto-based company unveiled their latest design, a winter jacket for both men and women that pays homage to the city.

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According to the brand’s website, the 3-in-1 Toronto Jacket was designed with the city’s “unpredictable” weather in mind. Available in bright white for women ($1,495) and black for men ($1,395), the down coat features a “Toronto” detailed grab strap on the back, and a special pocket at the wrist to hold a Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) pass card. The Toronto Jacket also features reflective detailing at the cuffs and reflective webbing to help increase visibility for urban dwellers.

The Toronto Jacket. Image via Canada Goose.
The Toronto Jacket. Image via Canada Goose.

Many on social media have expressed concerns that Canada Goose’s latest offering is nothing more than an attempt to capitalize on the city’s growing number of pedestrian deaths. On average, 6 people are struck by a vehicle per day in Toronto, with 38 pedestrian deaths in 2019.

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“It’s crazy that Canada Goose was the only store in Yorkdale with a crazy lineup yesterday,” Toronto resident and Ford Global Group CEO Tiffany Ford wrote on Twitter. “Y’all really encouraging animal cruelty and capitalizing off of tragic pedestrian incidents in Toronto. SMH [shaking my head].”

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“This is so f—ked up. For reals, Canada Goose designed a coat with reflective fabric for better visibility for pedestrians because they keep getting run over by cars on Toronto streets,” another wrote.

Many have cited animal cruelty claims against the brand as reason enough to boycott buying Canada Goose products.

Image via Canada Goose.
Image via Canada Goose.

“Couldn’t agree more. It's pretty much the only company I can think of at the moment that I'd like to see go bankrupt,” one Twitter user said of “deplorable” Canada Goose. “I'm sure there are others but I so loathe having bits of dead animals shoved in my face on crowded TTC vehicles.”

Yahoo Canada reached out to Canada Goose for comment, but has yet to receive a response.

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The number of pedestrian deaths this year are almost on par with the number of gun-related deaths in Toronto in 2019, currently at 41.

In a recent press conference, Toronto Police Chief Mark Saunders said the City will be making efforts to reduce the number of traffic deaths in 2020 thanks to “proactive policing” to identify safety risks, red-light cameras and photo radar equipment. Saunders also said further education for drivers and pedestrians is crucial to improving pedestrian safety.

Toronto streets in winter. (Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto)
Toronto streets in winter. (Photo by Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto)

“People in enforcement are not going to be the cure for this,” he said. “It’s utilizing the technology, it’s education and awareness from all factors of people being in a big city, whether they live, work or play here, I think will help drive and promote better opportunities to create better numbers and loss of life.”

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