Canada sends Bergepanzer 3 armoured recovery vehicles to Ukraine

Anita Anand, Minister of National Defence of Canada, has said that her government sent another batch of military aid to Ukraine.

Source: Anand on Twitter

Details: Anand published a video showing the loading of an armoured vehicle onto a Ukrainian AN-124 Ruslan cargo aircraft.

Quote: "More Canadian military aid is en route to Ukraine. We will stand with Ukraine for as long as it takes."

The minister has not specified the armoured vehicle’s name, but judging by the video, it is a German-Dutch joint project Bergepanzer 3, which is based on the Leopard 2 tank.

Bergepanzer 3 belongs to combat support vehicles and can be used to deliver fighters to the battlefield, evacuate the wounded, clear obstacles and fulfill other tasks.

Previously: Germany announced that it had sent 15 Bergepanzer 2 vehicles to Ukraine, which were developed on the chassis of the Leopard 1 battle tank.

Background: This week, Canada announced it would provide Ukraine with about 8,000 rounds of 155-mm ammunition, as well as 12 anti-aircraft missiles from the Canadian Armed Forces’ inventory to sustain air defence systems.

Ottawa will also send more than 1,800 rounds of 105-mm tank training ammunition to Kyiv to support the Leopard 1 tanks being supplied by Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands.

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