Canada's Ontario to adopt digital vaccine passports

Canada's most populous province will soon require proof of full COVID-19 vaccination before entering bars, gyms, restaurants and more.

After Ontario broke the news on Wednesday, several hundred people marched through the streets of Toronto in protest.

Some carried signs saying 'My Body, My Choice' and "Make Canada Free Again'.

While Ontario Premier Doug Ford was initially opposed to the idea, on the grounds that it would create a split society, he said the spread of the Delta variant made additional steps necessary.

Later this month, people will need proof to enter establishments.

And next month, that vaccine information will be stored as a digital passport on mobile devices.

Ontario follows three other provinces in the country opting for the passports.

It's an issue that's featured on Canada's federal election campaign, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau regularly criticises anti-vaxxers.

His government last month said it would mandate many workers, including all federal public servants, to be vaccinated.

Trudeau's opponents however have suggested rapid testing as an alternative to vaccine passports.

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