Canada's Trudeau says he has no symptoms of coronavirus

In an unprecedented outdoor press conference held in front of his Ottawa residence where he will spend 14 days with his wife and three children, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised to help people who take a financial hit because of the outbreak. Reporters hurled questions to him from a distance.

"We will help Canadians financially... We do not want any Canadian to have to worry about whether or not they're going to be able to pay their rent, whether or not they're going to be able to buy groceries, or care for their kids or elderly family members," Trudeau said.

"The government of Canada will be introducing a significant fiscal stimulus package in the days ahead," he said.

Canada reported 157 cases of the virus, up from 138 on Thursday, with one death. Seven of Canada's 10 provinces have recorded infections of the respiratory illness.

Trudeau announced on Thursday that he would be in isolation for as much as two weeks after his wife, Sophie, became infected with the virus.

Trudeau said on Friday he was "feeling good," and Sophie was "doing fine."