Canadian Defense Ministry announces new military aid package for Ukraine

The Canadian Defense Ministry announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, including ammunition and an expansion of the training programs for Ukrainian soldiers.

Ottawa presented the new package on May 25 after the 12th meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Ramstein, Germany.

The country's military will deploy five additional medical trainers to Poland to train Ukraine's military personnel in advanced medical skills as part of Operation UNIFIER. This should double the number of potential Ukrainian graduates.

Canada’s Defense Minister Anita Anand noted that the military has also been conducting junior officer training for Ukrainians in Latvia since May 15.

Furthermore, Ottawa pledged 43 AIM-9 air-to-air missiles, small arms, and ammunition.

“Canada’s support for Ukraine is unwavering. When I travel across Canada, I see Ukrainian flags on homes, small businesses, and cars – because Canadians understand that Ukraine’s fight to defend itself is also a fight for sovereignty, freedom, and independence,” Anand said.

On April 21 after the 11th Ramstein Summit, Ottawa pledged $25 million of military aid to Ukraine, including fuel, small arms, and logistical support for Ukraine, as well as "a first contribution" to the NATO Comprehensive Assistance Package (CAP) medical first aid kits project.