Canadian influencer opens up about the 'grief of motherhood': 'Honouring these feelings'

Ariana Christie took to Instagram to share a set of photos of her cradling her newborn daughter.

Canadian influencer, Ariana Christie pens emotional message about the
Canadian influencer Ariana Christie penned an emotional message about motherhood. (Photo via Instagram/arianajoychristie)

Ariana Christie is getting real about motherhood.

On Thursday, the Canadian influencer took to Instagram to share a set of photos of her cradling her newborn daughter, Cali, who was born in October.

Alongside the photos, the mother-of-three penned an emotional message for her 39,000 followers about the "grief of motherhood."

Christie explained that "negative" feelings about parenting are often not discussed because they "feel wrong" or "can’t be right."

"Honouring these feelings is important. No one talks about the grief of motherhood. The sadness felt at the loss of what was before this responsibility came, the loneliness that comes with the inability to drop everything and socialize," the self love advocate wrote. "The loss of who you once were."

She pointed out that while motherhood comes with many upsides, it's important to "take a moment to know that it’s OK to grieve the loss of your life before."

"To feel sad that things are busier, and time is flying. To miss the life you once had and to acknowledge that you are extremely grateful but to know that it’s okay to sometimes feel sad," Christie continued. "Motherhood is a journey of a million emotions, beautiful moments, and intense feelings.

"It is okay to feel whatever emotions come your way. Be grateful for the good and hold space for times of grief or sadness. You are doing amazing and you are a good mom," she concluded.

In the comments, fans thanked Christie for the important reminder.

"If we hush away the hardships we cannot usher in the joy. It’s both, always," commented a follower.

"Beautiful words," one Instagram user wrote. "Motherhood is an absolute rollercoaster."

Someone else added: "Beautifully said."

"Needed this today," a fan shared.

Earlier this month, the content creator got candid about her body after giving birth and urged her followers to "celebrate" their postpartum bodies. She paired her message with a series of photos of her belly before and after giving birth.

"Why am I self-conscious of this body? Why am I trying to cover up the strongest part of me? Just a few months ago I was proud of my body," Christie wrote, adding:

"So I guess what I'm trying to say is let’s celebrate our bodies in every stage. Let’s be proud of what they are doing each and every day. And let’s not cover up the beauty that they hold."

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