Candace Owens calls Kimberly Klacik a 'former stripper fraud' following $20M defamation lawsuit

Candace Owens calls Kimberly Klacik a 'former stripper fraud' following $20M defamation lawsuit

Conservative commentator Candace Owens called former Republican congressional candidate Kimberly Klacik a "former stripper fraud" after reports emerged that Klacik filed a $20 million lawsuit against her over alleged defamation claims.

The suit, filed on July 21 in Baltimore County Circuit Court, seeks $20 million in monetary damages after Owens alleged in a June 22 Instagram video that Klacik committed campaign fraud and laundered money. Owens also alleged that Klacik used drugs and worked at a strip club, according to court documents.

"Kimberly Klacik is a former stripper fraud who has me blocked on EVERY social media account since I exposed her shady FEC filings," Owens tweeted on Wednesday. "She launched an obviously frivolous lawsuit (read it) about me calling her a 'madame' to distract/avoid questions about her FEC filings."


Owens called on "Every person who gave to her campaign" to demand answers for where the donations went, highlighting the firms "Fox & Lion LLC" and "Pearl Events" as entities that need to be looked into.

A spokesperson for Owens told the Washington Examiner the use of the word "madame" was "in reference to a person who seeks girls out to work at a club — not a prostitute," adding that "Kimberly’s democratic opponent publicly alleged that Kimberly would seek girls out to work at the club via Kim’s personal Instagram. That was public knowledge before Candace stated it."

“Supposedly, Kimberly and her husband met at the strip club and then got married,” Owens alleged in the June video.

"In short, Candace has repeatedly refused to remove the video as she feels Kim scammed millions of Americans who gave to her campaign and they deserve to know the truth about who she is and how that money was spent according to her FEC filings," the spokesperson for Owens added.

Klacik alleged she lost multiple financial opportunities, including a book deal and a contract with a “nationally recognized vendor” following Owens's 44-minute video about the former GOP candidate.

In a YouTube video published on June 26, Klacik said there is no evidence she laundered money and that no one is investigating her.

“I did not have access to campaign money. We precisely had a treasurer to prevent this from happening,” Klacik said, noting she hired Fox & Lion as part of her campaign's work.

Klacik ran to finish the term of longtime Baltimore-area Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings, who died in October 2019, but lost to Kweisi Mfume in the April 2020 special election. Klacik ran against Mfume again in November of the same year but lost by similar margins.


The Washington Examiner contacted Klacik but did not immediately receive a response.

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