Candao is reinventing how NFTs are being used to manage Identity

Imagine a world where anyone can forge anything and even duplicate them with perfect quality, such that no one was be able to differentiate it from the original. The internet is a place where anyone can easily lose their identity with a single wrong click of a button.

For some time now, online identity verification has continued to be the foremost challenge for individuals and businesses that desperately want to provide value over the internet. The problem is that the moment any digital asset is placed on the internet, it will instantly be copied and anonymously distributed across the world. This is why Candao is revolutionising how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are being used to manage identity.

What is Candao?

Candao is over layer decentralised social media platform. It is an inclusive Over-Layer solution for the social crypto industry, connecting every layer, chain, and DApp.

The same way Layer Zero Concept arranges for an underlying hi-tech solution that gives room for seemingly seamless communication between blockchains, Candao provides an oversight set of solutions and tools that unite the cryptocurrency world from different locations.

Candao is a social network platform that dispenses profits to all active groups of people. They offer two main advantages. Once you involve yourself and your community, you will be able to create and issue tokens and make the best use of your potential.


Candao’s NFT identity management approach

Candao uses a feature known as the CandID. It is a dedicated NFT-based digital identification that is connected with an Omni-scan history of wallet transactions. With CandID, Candao community can create a verifiable and unique followers system. This way, no one can function within the platform using a fake ID or without authentic verification.

With the CandID, users can create identities that they can share with others within the community. Since NFTs are unique and indivisible, the founding team of Candao has leveraged the technology to enable users to link their digital wallets to their profiles. This means that every activity is managed from the dAapp and validated via blockchain technology.

More on the services of Candao

With Candao, you will have the opportunity to set up a social identity, group profile, and group tokens. Their mission is to build a network where persons with the same social and business ideas can gather to instigate, engage and build values together.

Candao can unravel people’s superpowers and give them the chance to tokenize the value they build, liquefy assets, unite existing ones, bring people together from different environments to build joint ventures, dispense profits between all people involved. And also unlock the value of every person who plays diverse roles daily.

With Candao, your revenue will be treated as though it were a piece of data. So, it’s up to you the amount of data you generate. It can also compare your money with a foreign language that you study and speak effortlessly. With Candao, one can make bold to say money equals goodwill and trust.

More concisely, you can generate tokens and increase the amount you earn from the project when you also create a source of passive income, invest in persons and companies. In addition, the users can also provide product and service recommendations and contribute to the development of companies and creators.


Building a community of verifiable members who can come together to fund and execute a project is a novel idea from the team led by both Pawel Barylski and Robert Wesker as Co-founders. With the CandID identify verification model using NFTs, Candao might just have opened a new way to curb identity theft and internet fraud.