Candidate Nicole Horn promises more high-paying jobs as Labor commissioner

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Jul. 10—ATLANTA — Nicole Horn, entrepreneur, mom, and candidate for Labor Commissioner, has raised more than $95,000 in her quest to win the office currently held by Mark Butler.

"I have decades of experience creating solutions and fixing problems," Horn said. "Georgians are ready for a Labor Commissioner who is committed to strengthening the safety net so Georgians can receive the benefits they deserve in a timely manner. I also have a vision to create more good paying jobs. My plan is resonating with people across the state."

Horn has raised money from 388 donors, including 315 donors from Georgia and 197 of donors who gave $100 or less. Sarah Riggs Amico, the former lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate candidate from Georgia, has endorsed Horn saying, "Nicole's experience as a successful entrepreneur and her 15-year career working with labor market data to help people find good-paying jobs, makes her uniquely qualified to create a stronger, more effective Department of Labor for Georgians — one that can deliver the benefits Georgians are owed and the service they deserve."

Horn said "fixing" the unemployment system will be her first priority.

"This means not only ensuring we have the staff to open up career centers across Georgia, but to also answer phones and respond to emails and help people find jobs to get back on their feet," she said. "We will also update and upgrade the technology that runs the system."

Horn went on to chastise Gov. Brian Kemp for cutting off the federal aid going to the unemployed early, and pointed out that most of the jobs available in Georgia right now are low-wage jobs. She said her focus as Labor Commissioner would be to launch a self-employment assistance program and create apprenticeship programs that lead to more, better-paying jobs.

"We will partner with businesses, unions, and our schools to make our state work better," she said.

Horn is the only businesswoman running for Labor Commissioner. She owned a small business for more than a decade before successfully selling it. She is now running for for office with a focus on fixing the broken unemployment insurance system, adding more jobs with liveable wages by launching an apprenticeship program, and offering Georgians the option to start their own business through a self-employment assistance program.

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