Candidate for US House District 2 in NC, Democrat Michael Camero, answers our questions

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Name: Michael Camero

Political party: Democrat

Age as of March 5, 2024: 42

Campaign website:

Current occupation: Business management: President of several operating service companies.

Professional experience: Management in trades industries.

Education: Graduate

What offices have you run for or held before? Have you had any other notable government or civic involvement?

Windy Hill Civic association. Community committee.

What is the issue that you see as most relevant to constituents in your district, and what will you do to address it?

Loss of democracy. We must clarify laws concerning malevolent actions and corruption in public office.

Is there an issue on which you disagree with your party? What is your position on that issue?

Messaging. We need to be better at informing the American people of our intent and many successes. We have been notoriously bad at messaging for far too long.

What is the government doing, if anything, that you see as a waste of taxpayer money?

The current pathetic pursuit and claims of nonexistent evidence in the hope of impeaching President Joe Biden. The absurdity has no bounds.

Should spending increases trigger automatic increases to the U.S. debt limit so that political gridlock does not cause the country to default on its debts?

Yes. However, a balanced budget is achievable and must be mandatory.

What federal legislation, if any, would you support on abortion?

To the extent of adding an amendment to our constitution. This is a right to life issue for the living.

What changes in U.S. immigration enforcement and restrictions would you support?

Expedited pathways for those here who have no criminal record and are paying taxes. The remedy is in finding the root cause of their migration. Most are fleeing oppression in their home countries. We must be more involved with our neighbors before they are forced to flee.

What legislation would you support to make Americans safer from mass shootings and other violent crime?

We have to repeal the many laws that block funding for gun violence studies. This is a public health issue. A policy of tax/deposit on bullets would help limit stockpiling and access to ammunition. A deposit system similar to the can/bottle recycling programs would be a great start. Returning the casings for a full refund of the deposit, used or not.